Smashy Road: Wanted App Reviews

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This game is very awesome!!!

Great game but phone gets hot

My iPhone 6 gets very very hot while playing. But the game is perfect.


Overall the game is good but fix the crash

Good game

It isnt that good that means that there should have some good updates


Good but its too glitchy and Im kicked out of the game every 10 minutes


In smashy road wanted u cant control going backwards or far wards there is only controls for left and right. It gets me so frustrated


This game is very exciting but it lags a lot and crashes on the iPod 5th gen. Please fix this!!

Addictive game fun too

You can really sink some minutes into this game if you are bored

Give me my money back

I payed for the money man and got nothing I see that more then one people complain about this so I think that it should be looked at

Update this fun game!

The physics in this game are really satisfying and remind me of playing old top down racers in the arcade as a kid. Theres a lot of potential for a deeper game here. 1. Dont get busted so quickly. Even an exploded cop car busted me once and games only last a minute or two. Runs where you explode at the end instead of getting busted are more fun but less common. 2. An option to throw cars in reverse manually would possibly help fix problem one. 3. Some kind of a last ditch use bomb or weapon would be satisfying. Getting into and then out of tight spots is satisfying. 4. Ramps are impossible to use without flipping over. Wider ramps or more jumps and terrain options would be cool. 5. More car-specific world filters like in crossy road. 6.More terrain types and complex road structures would great. 7. An online racing option! Or... Specific goals and achievements (That would be a totally different game, but I love this engine so much.) Anyhow, I play this more than GTA V so Im clearly insane.

Fun game but...

The game is fun but it wont work on my iPod 5. Crashes every time I finish a round and is full of lag

Have no words for what I just played

Lagging every time you start it, crashes a lot and every time I get enough money for a new car I always get a common, but for some reason my friends always get legendary and epic.

Awesome Game

This is the best game ever! Also, please consider my ideas for this game. First, you should add a multiplayer mode where you could play with other people in your local wifi network. Second, you could make it so that the hovercraft could actually go on water or just add a few vehicles that could. Third, you could make it easier to get new cars because after you have about 50-60 cars it becomes almost impossible to get anymore new ones. Fourth, could you please add a new legendary car: the dump truck, like those super huge ones they use in construction. Thanks for considering my ideas and also thanks for making this game because I love playing it


Update and give more cars (preferably a few more legendary cars) and than I will rate 5✨

Crash crash crash

This game keeps crashing


It wont even let me download the game. It looks pretty fun but if it wont let me download, 1 star it is.


Its a really good game but it lags and glitches a lot


Get rid of the Christmas theme. Like honestly, Christmas was 5 months ago

App needs more bug fixes

Love the app but it needs more bug fixes and crash fixes. The new update just came out I know and its good but I think it still needs work because I see the app freezing and crashing still, but not as often with new update but crashes still happen and its still buggy.

Smashy Road

Very good game, although it would be cool if you added more cars.

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